prod1prod2We are presently catering to the leather & rubber industries and are always exploring new areas to diversify our business. Our most important products which are of high demand in the rubber and leather industry are:

Formact Acid

Formact acid is a patented chemical manufactured by Catalyst Chemical Industries. A skin friendly dye fixative, Formact acid is a chemical compound most suited for fixing of dyes in leather processing. The product is a colourless liquid, easily miscible with water. This eco-friendly dye fixative can successfully replace formic acid from leather industry and rubber processing. It is suitable for all classes of dyes and various substrates. The product is stable over range of temperatures and has shelf life more than six months. Costing only half the price of Formic acid, this revolutionary product is already growing in popularity and it is only a matter of time until the Formic acid is replaced by the more effective and cheaper Formact acid from the leather and rubber processing industries

Acetic Acid (Synthetic)

Acetic Acid is a complimentary, an excellent dye fixing agent, most suitable for leather, textiles, coir and similar chemical process and treatments. It not only helps to retain the polymer structure of Leathers, Textiles and Coir but also saves auxiliary chemicals such as wetting agent, fixers etc. Above all, it helps to absorb the last trace of dye, avoiding wastage to the core, absorbing the last trace of dye. It thus considerably reduces process cost.

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